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This wiki is not used anymore in the ITEA2 12004 SEAS project, it is maintained only for historical reasons.

In 2015, this wiki was developed to encourage the contribution of domain experts to the SEAS Knowledge Model.

How this wiki was meant to be used

This wiki demonstrates the MediaWiki LinkedVocabularyEditor Extension, developed in the first semester of 2015 by ARMINES FAYOL.

SEAS domain experts were asked to request for an account, then go to Starting Points.

Cross-Work Package Implementation Task Force was asked to use the list of Seas: pages as starting point.

Online tutorials have been given to explain the use of the wiki, one of them has been recorded and is available on Youtube.

What really boosted the contribution of domain experts to the Knowledge Model

A domain-centered VoCamps has been organised in December 2015 to boost the development of the Knowledge Model.

The VoCamp website is located at

The Videos of the VoCamp are available on

Where is the SEAS Knowledge Model now

The SEAS Knowledge Model is a modularized and versioned ontology that is accessible at

The sources of the ontologies are available on the public GitHub of ARMINES Fayol.

Once logged in on GitHub, One may directly suggest some changes to the ontologies. For example, to the Actor Ontology module, version 0.9.